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Orkut Safety Filter Will Block Suscipious Profiles

Now Orkut will mark profiles and communities as unsafe that have content that is mature in nature, but doesn't violate their community guidelines. For example, their community guidelines prohibit pornographic images, which includes things like frontal nudity and graphic sex, and such profiles will be deleted. However, our community guidelines don't prohibit images that don't contain nudity, but are sexually explicit, so we may mark such profiles as unsafe. Note that your profile does not get deleted if it is marked unsafe - it just becomes hard to access.

Orkut is constantly working to keep it clean and beautiful. The safety filter lets users choose to show only profiles and communities that have been screened for potentially inappropriate images or text. By enabling the safety filter:

  • Potentially offensive communities and profiles will be hidden from your search results.
  • The pictures of potentially offensive profiles and communities will not shown in your community and friend lists - instead you will see a special icon.
  • A warning message will be displayed before you access these profiles and communities.

If you'd like to enable the safety filter, just follow these steps:
  1. Click settings on the left sidebar of your orkut profile or homepage.
  2. On the general tab, find the 'safety filter' section.
  3. Select the bubble next to 'do not show inappropriate content.'
  4. Don't forget to click the save changes button at the bottom of the page when you're done.
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How To Add Blog Feed Application to your Orkut Profile ?

Well, I have found out that many people actually don't actually know How To Add Blog Feed Application to his/her Orkut Profile. Nowadays with so many blogs on the Run everyone depends on Post Feeds to keep Up. This post will explain it to you in Details, how to work with feeds in orkut.

But before that What is feed and Rss ?? : If you want to know check out Amith Agarwal's post which contain's a very Well explained Video explanation at @ How Do You Subscribe to Blog Feeds ?

Now the actual thing How to Add feeds / rss on your orkut profile ? : Follow these simple steps as given below...
● Navigate to your orkut profile In Your profile, you will see a link to "add stuff"
● Clicking that option would bring you to the page shown in the screenshot below.
● Just enter the Orkut Guide feed url in the space highlighted -
● Click add.
● Now you can click on your feeds to check if we have posted something new on Realtrix.


You are Done! [Source]
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How to Save or Download Protected Orkut Album Images

flickr private picturesA friend ( reader) was asking me "How to Save or Download Protected Images from orkut albums?". I myself faced a problem when I wanted to Save this nice Image for my stock photo Collections. I was Unable to do that as the image was protected . So I decided to Apply Some trick to get The Photo.

Normally, you can save Images/Pictures from Orkut (or any website) by right clicking the photograph and saying "Save Image As.." but in the case of protected Orkut images, all you will see on the desktop is a blank 1x1 pixel placeholder image called spaceball.gif

Reason : When a Flickr member has set download permissions to disallow his/her photos from being downloaded, a transparent image is overlaid on the actual photo so the right-click method fails.

Solution : You may either use the good-old Print Screen / Screenshot or any of the methods below to defeat the Flickr image protection...

For Firefox: Goto Tools -> Page Info -> Media - Scroll down until you see that Flickr image in the Media Preview Window. Click the Save As button.

See the Screenshot Below.
 How to Save or Download Protected Images in flickr ?

In IE, Opera, Safari or Firefox: Right click the Flickr web page and chose "View HTML source" - now search for "spaceball.gif" in the HTML source. You'll find the full location of the protected image enclosed in the <img src=" Link of Image " tag just before the tag that encloses the spaceball image. (see screenshot)

flickr private pictures

Now all you have to Do is just get the Actual image Link and Download it. [Source]
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Change From to .com in orkut - Enjoy Better orkuting

Change From to .com in orkut - Enjoy Better orkuting

Are you Using the Indian version of orkut ( ??
Well I would recomend Don't.. Instead Just change to .A few people were asking me How ?? Its quite Simple ...

Why Should You Change ??
  • So that you can Use the GreaseMonkey tricks On firefox.
  • Acc to me the .com pages load faster.
  • If you are in the domain and then recieve a link as a scrap with .com domain then visiting that link, creates problem for your Browser, to change the domain from to .com .

How to change ??

  • Go to the bottom of your page. (See the above screenshot.)
  • Here Click on "Go to"
  • You Are Done!!
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How to Add Signatures In Orkut Scraps/Posts Using Orkut Toolbar!

Orkut Toolbar is the most essential toolkit for any orkut user. It makes your orkutting better in a easy way. In general, we use different scripts or tools to perform different tasks. But Orkut Toolbar does it all alone. Simple, effective and powerful. But here, we will learn about adding signatures in orkut scraps using Orkut toolbar. No need to write your customized signature below your scraps each time. Just enter this once in the toolbar and it will take care of the rest. Lets learn how...

Look at the below screenshot to get the idea about the signature:

Many people ask me " How do you add signatures to your posts ? ". I decided to Post in details here. Adding signatures is quite simple...

To Add Signatures You Need..

After Installing Orkut Toolbar follow the Instructions as given below..

Step 1 :

As you can see the toolbar on the left. Here, Click on the Sig Button (highlighted in red)

Step 2 :

Now a Drop Down Menu Will come. You see i have saved a few Sigs viz. 'sig','Add','List','Headline'. Similarly You can have yours set of signatures.

Step 3 :

To Add Your Own Set of Signatures, simply click Customize as Shown. Clicking that will Open a window .. see below.

Step 4 :

When This window Opens Up, just click New to add a new Sig.

 Step 5 :

To add Signatures to your Posts/Scraps:
  1. Write your Stuff
  2. Click the Sig. button
  3. Select your Desired Sig.
  4. Here 'Sig' has been Shown.
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How To Play Safe On Orkut - Beware Of The Malicious Scraps On Orkut

Being Safe From JavascriptsNowadays Orkut Accounts are being Compromised due to some increased uses of javascripts which unknowingly puts your account in the false category of spammers. The Situation is So bad that many evil community owners use it to increase their community members.... See the screenshot below, I am sure you have received this scrap more than your friends actually scraps you.

Orkut Hacking
This scrap promises you to Unlock scrapbooks, albums , increase fans. You ultimately fall into the Trap and visit the Link. Here you see an instruction manual telling you to run a java script.
You run the Script thinking it will work .. and then you saw nothing happened.

But a lot happened .. after running that script.. you had Scrapped the first 50 of your friends the same scrap like the screenshot above, and also joined some 10-15 communities automatically without your knowledge.

The sad situation is that almost every evil-intelligent community owners are using this in the greed for more members... A friend had tried this once and was surprised with the results. The members increased from 6000 to 22000 in just one day... Seeing this He immediately stopped the Usage. But the others didn't . Thus more & more people are being compromised.

Advice : Never Run a Javascript no matter who tells You to .. for your own good.

How these scripts Work : When you run this Script -

  • You join 10-15 communities using Java Commands. So you wont be able to See the joining.
  • You will scrap automatically 50 of your friends. The same as you Got .
  • You might even submit you ID & Password to the Script maker through Internet Cookies .
Stay Safe ...Smiley[source]
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Hyperlinking In Orkut - Make Words & Images Clickable!

Orkut HyperlinkMost People ask me This same Question again and again, that how to make Words which act as Text Links in Orkut. So I decided to post it here in detail. Is Actually Really Simple...Firstly I would like to mention what's a hyperlink! Well, hyperlink is an anchor text, used to link to a particular site. Example : Orkut Guide. Now if you will click on Orkut Guide, it will take you to our homepage. So, now I will tell you how to do this trick on Orkut.

Hyperlink For Scraps to Friends

Since HTML is allowed for Scraps to Friends Simply Use Html Hyperlink Code...

For words to act like links

For Images To act Like Links Use

Hyperlink For Scraps to Non-Friends, Profile & Community Description

Use This Code:

See Screenshot Below :
Orkut Hyperlink

PS: This Trick doesn't work on Community Posts.
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Hide Orkut Community contents To non-members

It really seems orkut is very serious about privacy for their users. After implementing privacy in scrapbooks, albums, videos its now turn for our communities. Well its very obvious that people copy one stuff from a community and paste it in theirs. But at last now its a bit more secure . Thanks to orkut, a community's content can be restricted to its members only.

Its simple. Just go to

Edit Community >>>
name :
category :
type :
messaging :

Content privacy : >>
open - anyone can view the contents of the community
hidden - only members can view the contents of the community

Now in order tp keep non members out, select the hidden option ;)
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How to Stop Someone From Sending you Scraps on Orkut ? How to Ignore someone on Orkut ?

Recently, one of my friends was being Bugged with some Sort of Annoying Scraps being send by some unknown person. Even I had this problem once when a guy was sending me loads of "unwanted" and Irritating Scraps. In case if you are facing the same you should know How to Stop Someone From Sending you Scraps on Orkut ?

Previously, on orkut there wasn't much options for your orkut security. But now, a lot of strict measures & new security measures along various Privacy Options on orkut have made orkut a bit more Safer.

Getting Back to the Topic, Well you can Easily Stop an Unknown person from Sending you Scraps Just By Ignoring Him/Her.

How to Ignore someone on Orkut ?
How to Stop Someone From Sending you Scraps on Orkut ? How to Ignore someone on Orkut ?Step 1 : First go to his/her profile, a look for more » in the profile
(given just below the display pic - see screenshot - left)

Step 2 : Then click on more » . After clicking it will bring up a few Options (see screenshot - right)
How to Stop Someone From Sending you Scraps on Orkut ? How to Ignore someone on Orkut ?

Step 3 : Now, Click ignore user from the list.
(see screenshot - right)

Step 4 : Finally, that person will be in your Ignore List.
(see screenshot below).How to Stop Someone From Sending you Scraps on Orkut ? How to Ignore someone on Orkut ?
This means he/she won't be able to scrap you or send you unwanted friend requests any more.
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How To Recover Hidden Password Of Orkut / Gmail

This is the most stupid situation I face when I sit in front of Computers at my college / Cafe. This is because I have forgotten my passwords to my Gmail/Orkut Acount. Thanks to the use of the "Remember Me" feature in most form logins to help the signing in process faster.

There are 2 Easy Steps to Recover your Forgotten Passwords

Step 1

Go to Tools -> Options -> Privacy, and select the Saved Passwords option.
Screenshot of saved passwords option

Click on View Saved Passwords to see the Password Manager and you’ll see a Show Passwords button at the bottom right. That’s new.
Screenshot of Password Manager

You get a confirmation dialog (supposedly because showing your passwords is an important event). I think the intended use of the confirmation dialog is to save you from inadvertently showing your passwords to someone looking over your shoulder.
Screenshot of confirmation dialog when clicking Show Passwords

And your passwords are then shown in the plain text glory (mine are “pinked out” in the screenshot below, of course).

Step 2

On any page or login forms with asterisks passwords,
Copy paste the following Javascript into the url bar and hit enter.
Your password should display on a popup window.

javascript:(function(){var s,F,j,f,i; s = ""; F = document.forms; for(j=0; j<F.length; ++j) { f = F[j]; for (i=0; i<f.length; ++i) { if (f[i].type.toLowerCase() == "password") s += f[i].value + "\n"; } } if (s) alert("Passwords in forms on this page:\n\n" + s); else alert("There are no passwords in forms on this page.");})();

These 2 steps are enough to help you get back your long forgotten password.
Also Read::
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Tips For Not Getting Your Orkut Account HACKED

These days may of the user’s come with an issue that there account has been hacked , so I just thought of writing this post which I guess will help all the users at least from there side, not to get there Orkut account hacked.
Few Things which can help you to not get your account Hacked are:

  • Never share your username and password with anyone.
  • Never use the remember password option from a public or shared computer.
  • Never click the script in you scrap from a stranger or friends whom you don’t know personally.( Note: can make a fake id to try the script)
  • Avoid personal data or photos posting in public.
  • Always sign off when ever you have done with your work.
  • Delete the cookies and history when ever you log out.
  • Change the password every month or so
  • If you suspect of anything like you have been added in any community’s that you dint joined then change your password as soon as possible.
  • Please see the Google Account Help form and note all the details which they require RIGHT NOW,so that if in case your account has been hacked then you can give the accurate answer of each and every question.
That’s it guys if you follow these above tips then you can be safe from getting your account hacked…..Do Safe Orkutting!!

If you account is HACKED then you can refer to Save Your Hacked Orkut / Gmail / Google Account[Source]
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How To Get Back Your Hacked Orkut / Gmail / Google Account

Many times I've heard people saying that someone hacked their orkut / Gmail / Google Account. And I have also been asked few questions like below from several people:
  1. My account is hacked, what should I do now?
  2. How can I get my hacked account back?
  3. How did this happen, was it my fault?
  4. And many more…..

Well, here I am going to answer all these questions.
Now there few ways you can get back your Hacked Orkut Account which you can try:
1. Inform Your Friends and Relative:
First inform your friends and relative about it, because now the hacker has the control over your account and could do nasty stuffs with it.

2. Try Forgot password:
You can try to change your password if you can do it. Yes I know it sounds stupid for this option but if it can be done by the easier way then what’s the harm in it. Yet, most of the time this option will not work.

3. Contact Google:
Yes the last option left is to contact google and inform them about the issue Account Help.( Please read Do Remember Few Things below before filling up the form) Here you have to fill up a form which asks basic question which a valid account holder will know.
  • 1. Which all google products you were using with the google account
  • 2. Last successful login date
  • 3. Last password you remember
  • 4. Account creation date
  • 5. Etc.

Do remember few things before filling up the forms that
  • 1. Fill the form from where you always access the account, because Google will automatically capture your IP address and will help them compare your account.
  • 2. Fill the form as much as you can, that will help them
  • 3. Try to give accurate answers, if not take your time and think before you fill it. Or ask some one close to you who know few answers you need.
  • 4. If you are using many products of google with the same account then PLEASE DON’T fill the form again for other product.
  • 5. And then wait for the reply from google.
After reading Do Remember Few Things you can start filling up the form Account Help.
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Orkut Album Gets A New Look

Finally Orkut gave a new look to it's album page. And yup, present orkut album it looks great. In stead of a row design, they designed it in a column manner. Previously our orkut albums were getting arranged by the date of creation. But this time your album will get updated automatically according to your recent updates. Which means, now people don't have to shuffle through your albums to view your last added pics, your last updated will show up first. Great, isn't that? Just have a look on it's screenshot below:

And they have added more option also so that you can access the album with one touch.
  • View Album
  • Add More Photos
  • Edit Album
  • Delete Album
Really orkut is getting more user friendly day by day and it's of course a positive sign.
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Send Secret High Priority Messages In Orkut

By default Orkut is giving us a feature called "Message". But be honest, do you really read them? All of us are frustrated of reading those messages which are almost and always spams. They just contain some invitations to some communities, loan companies, job opportunities, finance details, mortgage advertisements, student loans and many more… crap! May you scrap the person? Are you sure? Scrapbook has no private message option. Even if the user locks his scrapbook, his/her friends can still view the scraps. So, how can we send secret and high priority messages in orkut? Read forward to know how to do this ;)

Secret message

Suppose you are sending some private informations such as cell no, address or something and you don't want to make it public. And also you want this message to show up as something very urgent. What are the possible ways? And the answer is an Orkut Testimonial.

Secret message as orkut testimonial

We all know about testimonials. And this testimonial is our solution. Whenever you send a testimonial, it will be popped up in the orkut home just below the recent visitors section. That definitely grabs the attention of user and he will surely notice that! In the testimonial content, don’t forget to write the message that he should not accept the testimonial and MUST reject that. Have you ever tried this before?
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Glitter Orkut Scraps With Formatting Toolbar

Great news for orkut Scrap lovers. Now you don't need to go to different sites to get glitter texts and post them as a scrap. A simple greasemonkey script will do the trick. Simply select the part of your scrap that you want to glitter, and then select the glitter style from the toolbar. Leave the rest on the script. It will automatically add glittering text links in your scrapbook. Now, isn't that cool?

Also, it's having a Orkut Smiley dropdown menu. now you don't have to add smiley codes in your scraps manually. Simply select the smiley, and it will automatically add the smiley codes for you. To add more, it's having a colour drop down menu, which can format your text in different colours, even if you are a n00b in HTML codes ;)


How to install the toolbar:
That's all. Now scrap your friends with glittering texts.
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