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Orkut Safety Filter Will Block Suscipious Profiles

Now Orkut will mark profiles and communities as unsafe that have content that is mature in nature, but doesn't violate their community guidelines. For example, their community guidelines prohibit pornographic images, which includes things like frontal nudity and graphic sex, and such profiles will be deleted. However, our community guidelines don't prohibit images that don't contain nudity, but are sexually explicit, so we may mark such profiles as unsafe. Note that your profile does not get deleted if it is marked unsafe - it just becomes hard to access.

Orkut is constantly working to keep it clean and beautiful. The safety filter lets users choose to show only profiles and communities that have been screened for potentially inappropriate images or text. By enabling the safety filter:

  • Potentially offensive communities and profiles will be hidden from your search results.
  • The pictures of potentially offensive profiles and communities will not shown in your community and friend lists - instead you will see a special icon.
  • A warning message will be displayed before you access these profiles and communities.

If you'd like to enable the safety filter, just follow these steps:
  1. Click settings on the left sidebar of your orkut profile or homepage.
  2. On the general tab, find the 'safety filter' section.
  3. Select the bubble next to 'do not show inappropriate content.'
  4. Don't forget to click the save changes button at the bottom of the page when you're done.
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