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Orkut Tricks Revealed !

Knowing orkut tricks would make our orkutting faster, better and nice. I have several other posts posted in Orkut Guide, which deals with different orkutting tricks and tips. But I wanted to summarize them into one, so that you guys can find all those essential tricks in one post. Here I will discuss about scrapping tricks, funny scripts, cool fonts and a lots more.

  1. All you need to have an Orkut Account.
  2. If you have one, great! Else create an orkut account.

Follow the steps given for each trick CAREFULLY.

Blank Scraps
  • Place the cursor in the scrapbook text field.
  • Do not write anything there.
  • Now, HOLD ALT key (Keep pressed) and press 0 1 7 3 (Press the numbers one after the another. Do not keep them pressed) on the NUMBER PAD (on the right side of the keyboard).
  • If you are using a laptop, just press [i] in the text box.
  • Click SUBMIT.
  • And now you are done. Your friend will have a blank scrap. Nothing will be there. In general Orkut does not allow people to post blank scraps. So, this trick will make your friends astonished. Give this a try and do not forget to comment below ;)

Writing text in reverse order
  • Type the text (whatever you want to write) in the scrapbook.
  • then type & # 8 2 3 8 without spaces before the message in the text box.
  • Press SUBMIT.
  • And your friends will now get that scrap written in reversed order. That means "APPLE" will look like "ELPPA". Isn't that cool now? Similarly you can reverse a long sentence and ask your friend to read that :D

Writing in different cool fonts
  • Get some cool fonts.
  • Choose any of those provided fonts and post in your friends scrapbook. Make a impact on others through this cool fonts. (Works only with Internet Explorer)

Write in different Indian languages
  • Want to be different? Want to use regional languages of India to send scraps? Then you are at right place.
  • For Hindi font go to
  • Download Baraha for all Indian languages.
  • Go to Quillpad for Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Marathi.
  • And now give your mates a desi tase :)

Fun with Orkut

Scrapbook Auto refresher
  • Have you ever get tired by refreshing your scrapbook in regular intervals to checks for any new scrap? Uhhhh...that's very boring. Here is new ScrapBook Auto Refresher, it will refresh your scrap book in regular intervals. That means it will automatically reload the pages in the given set of time. You can adjust the page reload time from the options menu.Now this is something very cool ;)
  • Click here for Scrapbook Auto refresher.
  • Have Fun :)

Invisible Post
  • To make an invisible post, just write [i][/i] in the post.
  • The post will be invisible now.
  • (sometimes it doesn't work)



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