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History of ScrapBook Flooder (Working Script)

Still I am getting mails from people asking how to increase their scrapbook count. Previously I have posted a lots of topics about this ScrapBook Flooder and here I'm making one more to update those newbies who have least idea about scrapbook flooder.

What is a scrapBook Flooder ?
In general a scrapbook flooder is a tool made for increasing your scraps or Scrapbook counts.

What kind of Flooders are there ?
Basically we can categorize them in two. One is the JavaScript flooder (using JavaScript) and the other is the Flooding software (using 3rd party softwares).

History Of Flooders
I do have a lots of idea about flooders but still i think that's not enough. If i am mistaking anywhere Please do let me know and if you want me to add some more here you can put it in the comment below
At the very beginning there were few developed JavaScripts which would flood so fast that they could only increase the scrap count of your scrapbook only and not the Scraps. People who flooded using these kind of flooders could get a high scrap count within a very few time period. But later when Orkut changed their coding and all, several people all over orkut lost thousands of scrap counts and since then Orkut is refreshing their servers very frequently in order to put an end to these kind of Flooders.

But later were new JavaScripts were developed by coders which could increase the actual scraps in stead of the scrap count. But the working speed of these flooders were comparatively slower than the earlier ones. People were still satisfied with these flooders but Orkut came back again and much harder as Orkut implemented a limit on the number of scraps that a person could send in a specific period of time. At the beginning people were able to flood around 500 scraps during one phase of there flooder but after that there account became freezed for around half an hour.
To avoid these kind of situations people started making new kind of flooders. After few months of the limitations few people made new flooding softwares that could flood using more than one profile. All you have to do is to feed your fake accounts username and Password into these flooders and they would start flooding the account you want using your fake accounts and would flood around 500 scraps and then would take a break for a small time and after that would start flooding again. These can flood simultaneously and alternatively using all of the accounts a person have. I can recall people telling me that they have got hundreds of fake accounts so that they could flood as quick as they can with out any errors. People even used to have Scrap Ranking. Now isn't that cool! :p

Well as we know that good times don’t last forever. Soon Orkut being in beta changed there codes and after that kept changing them until 4 months ago when they finally changed the whole Template of Orkut and came to their newer version. But still now few old flooders are working good. People were still flooding. New versions of the flooders keep on coming whenever orkut changed there codes. It's now a routine!
Orkut is contineously decreasing the limit of scraps one can do in a specific period of time and Now its less then 300 scraps in one flooding session and after that your account might get blocked for more then 3 hours. Orkut then gave a final punch to all those people who used to Flood. Orkut added a limitation to the number of scraps. See this screen shot below:

People used to have many times more scrap than this. There were even challenges in different orkut communities to set a flood of flood 1 million scraps in 24 hours but now the number of scraps orkut show are just 100,000 + . Well it was shocking and terrifying for all Orkut users who used to flood. I myself lost about one third of my scrap count. This limitation by orkut almost put a real end to the flooding world. As people can't compete with one another on the number of scraps they have, so what’s the point of flooding ?
How Orkut reacts to Flooders
Till now orkut have not taken any hard actions against flooding or flooders. They could have stopped it years ago very easily but they didn’t. They took steps against flooding in late. But now-a-days Orkut have a very little little chance of finding out if a person is flooding or not. So most people can still flood if they wish and even when Orkut figures out that someone is flooding they do not take it that seriously, unless the person is flooding in hundred thousands in which case Orkut is forced to take an action.
Latest Working Flooder :
Although it is not the latest one but as people keep on asking me about new flooders so i am giving them a better one.


Note :
I would take no responsibility of anything which happens to your Profile after using this flooder as Orkut have a strict policy against those who use flooders (Although they can hardly find who is using the flooder) But i can asure you that this flooder is not a cookie stealing / Hacking Script.
All the History and comments described above are my own and not of the Orkut officials.



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the downloading site is removed were can i find the new one

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