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Orkut Hacking Scripts and Tools

Orkut users always look for some extra cool features inside orkut, but they forget that Orkut is not a feature rich site. By default Orkut is more user friendly, so they don't want to look complicated by introducing tons of new features. They are somewhat right also, don't you find facebook a bit messy?

Even if Orkut is not providing us such facilities, we can do those things with third party orkut scripts. Scripts are the best alternative to do whatever you want on Orkut. These extensions are not limited to Orkut only, but also supports all popular social networking sites like FaceBook, MySpace etc.

Keeping the Orkut user's requirements in eye, I am providing few Orkut Scripts and hacks below which will help you in orkutting. But before you go to use these scripts note two thing well...
  1. Below scripts will work only in Firefox with greasemonkey extension.
  2. These scripts will NOT work in Internet explorer.

  1. Quote few parts in messages
  2. Toolbar for easier navigation
  3. Quick reply - enables us to send scraps easily
  4. Add signature - Automatically ads signature in each of your scraps
  5. Add default colors - Colour your scraps easily
  6. Bookmarks - Lets you bookmark easily
  7. And many more... Watch Video Tutorials.
  • Orkut Stylish Fonts - Now don't scrap in simple text. Scrap in cool text font. Many orkut cool fonts to choose from. Even ads colours to your scrap text. No coding required. Do things in a simple way like colouring and formatting texts in e-mails. 
  • Yahoo and MSN Smilies - Great tool to use Yahoo and MSN Smilieys in Orkut scraps. No need to fill up the captcha verification.This Script includes Yahoo and MSN Hidden Emotions also with their shortcut keys. 
  •  Bypass Orkut CaptchaBypass the Orkut Image Verification ) - It makes the Orkut image verification dead. Enter links, images without filling the captcha.
  •  Topic Poster - This will post a same topic in all your joined communities. All you need is to fill up the image verification and the topics will get posted automatically.
    If you want to suggest us about some cool orkut tools, kindly use the comment form below.



    Anonymous said...

    how can we send a single message to all the members(ie their orkut profile) of a community, if I am memeber of the community...

    Mr. Nobody said...

    @ Anonymous: Sorry dude, for the timing this is not possible.

    Anonymous said...


    Clament said...

    I need to break the orkut album. I hope the script provided is not working..

    Is there any other script , that is really working ?

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