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Post to All Communities

This greasemonkey script post to all communities was developed by Vijay.
This userscript posts a message on all the communities that you have joined. Just change the following two lines in the postallcommunities.user.js file after downloading it from the specified location:
document.getElementById("subject").value="The subject of your post";
document.getElementById("messageBody").value="The message body of your post";
In the message body, you can introduce new lines by typing "\r\n" wherever you want a new line. For example, "This is line 1\r\nThis is line 2" will make the post in two different lines.
After making the changes, drag and drop the postallcommunities.user.js file into the firefox window, and install the script. To get the script running, just visit is the "Communities" page in orkut, the posting will start automatically. If you want to stop the posting, just click on "Home" and uninstall the userscript.

Link: Install script



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