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Scrap With Stylish Orkut Text and Fonts

Here are few tips from Orkut Guide to change your normal boring texts and use some bold, interesting, colourful, stylish texts while scrapping. Read ahead...

Write Orkut scraps in larger font sizes:
If you want bigger texts (larger font size), then use < h1 > tag (without spaces). For example: < h1 >Your text here< /h1 >. You can also go for different font sizes according to your choice. You can use < h1 > or < h2 > or < h3 > tags also. Use these codes to write a powerful orkut scrap in different font sizes. REMEMBER TO REMOVE SPACE WHILE WRITING < h1 >.

Write Orkut Scraps in different stylish fonts:
To use different fonts in your orkut scraps, follow the below instructions.

Are you ready with the above requirements? Now lets discuss how to use Orkut Fonts In yours Orkut Scrapbooks. Read the below steps and follow the screenshot to get the idea.
  • Type something in your scrapbook.
  • Now select the font you want to use from the "Select a Font" menu.
  • Click on "Change Font" button.
  • Now send the scrap.
  • And you are done.
If you want to send multi coloured rainbow style scraps, then click here to Generate Multi Colour Orkut Scraps.

Now, another tool for Orkut users. No need to use firefox or use any scripts. Any Internet Explorer user as well as Opera or Google Chrome users can edit their texts online and get the desired output. I will post on that soon, so consider subscribing to my RSS feeds or Subscribe via e-mail to stay updated.



Shahmeer said...

When i send The Yahoo Smily to my friend error prompts That
''Rich content Scrap was not posted''
Plz Help me plz plz

Mr. Nobody said...

@ Shahmeer : Are you sure that you have added your friend in your orkut friend's list? Coz these rich contents can be posted to the persons already in your list.

Also check this -->

Alan said...

it dosent work! i downladed all d add ons still
it looks normal!

Mr. Nobody said...

@ Alan : Are you sure you did everything according to the tutorial? Double check that. And also check if you have disabled that script from the greasemonkey menu.

Alan said...

I installed firefox & greasemonkey!!!
but d link 'orkut stylish fonts script' leads 2 d same link where i installed greasemonkey!!

mohammed said...

i have installed all three
fire fox
grease monkey
n scripts
now i am unable to see that change font option in my scrapbook
so please please please
help me

mohammed said...

i have installed all three options to get the change font option in my scrap book
i have installed fire fox,grease monkey and scripts but yet i am unable to find that option
so please please please help me

mocherla said...

hi.should we disable grease monkey to scrap in different font sizes or colour ones

Mr. Nobody said...

@ Alan, Mohammed, Mocherla : Sorry guys, it was my fault. Now corrected. If you guys have already installed Greasemonkey, simply install the orkut stylish fonts script. And you will be done. Don't forget to comment after you are done :-)

bhavna said...

orkut font scripts r not working in my firefox can you help me out...

Mr. Nobody said...

@ Bhavna : Have you installed GreaseMonkey? If yes, Have you enabled it? If No, Read the above post carefully and install that. Follow the mentioned steps, and I am sure, you can scrap with stylish orkut text and fonts.

Anonymous said...

Kool man , urs advices works

bigest said...

This Script is nOt Working.
How this Script Working?

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