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How to Save or Download Protected Orkut Album Images

flickr private picturesA friend ( reader) was asking me "How to Save or Download Protected Images from orkut albums?". I myself faced a problem when I wanted to Save this nice Image for my stock photo Collections. I was Unable to do that as the image was protected . So I decided to Apply Some trick to get The Photo.

Normally, you can save Images/Pictures from Orkut (or any website) by right clicking the photograph and saying "Save Image As.." but in the case of protected Orkut images, all you will see on the desktop is a blank 1x1 pixel placeholder image called spaceball.gif

Reason : When a Flickr member has set download permissions to disallow his/her photos from being downloaded, a transparent image is overlaid on the actual photo so the right-click method fails.

Solution : You may either use the good-old Print Screen / Screenshot or any of the methods below to defeat the Flickr image protection...

For Firefox: Goto Tools -> Page Info -> Media - Scroll down until you see that Flickr image in the Media Preview Window. Click the Save As button.

See the Screenshot Below.
 How to Save or Download Protected Images in flickr ?

In IE, Opera, Safari or Firefox: Right click the Flickr web page and chose "View HTML source" - now search for "spaceball.gif" in the HTML source. You'll find the full location of the protected image enclosed in the <img src=" Link of Image " tag just before the tag that encloses the spaceball image. (see screenshot)

flickr private pictures

Now all you have to Do is just get the Actual image Link and Download it. [Source]



Anonymous said...

thanks buddy it works...........

rahulnevge said...

Thanks Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's realy wprk.

vivek said...

dude its complicated
here is the simple way
open the pic select file > save page as and save it at ur desired location
along with the webpage a folder containing supporting files will be saved in that folder u will have the pic..

Unknown said...

i kw method of both trick but its really nice 4 those who r not aware about these tricks.....reallly good job dear....

Anonymous said...

use firbug

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