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Brazilians created first Orkut Community, Stanford University! was created by a guy who work at Google and also is called Orkut, everybody knows. But do you know that the first community created in the Orkut network, for example, was simply overrun by Brazilians who only want the taste of being there, even without having anything to do with this communication.

In time, the first orkut community was created by none other than Orkut! As the Stanford University was important center of the relationships of the engineer, he tested the system for communities with "Stanford University."The community occupies the ID 0000001, perhaps because it has been founded by thousands of curious Brazilians.

"This community is dedicated to the students, faculty, and alumni of Stanford University. The place is to reunite and place notices for upcoming events," says the text description of the "Number One Community". But, unlike to be "dedicated to students, faculty and students from Stanford University, a place for meeting and dissemination of news of events", the community turned into a place for old Brazilian mess. Currently, for example, in a good torn and Portuguese, who became the most spoken language in Orkut, the Community has 0000001 as main poll: "Have you ever been to the beach?"

Other issues that have been created in the community originally conceived for the American university are: "What is the best kind of bread?", "What is emo?", "You will choose the first option?".

Since no one is iron, and welcomes Brazilian who walks at the wave, you certainly want to give a curious spin on the People First created in So, given the applications, then this address:
Community Stanford University:



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