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How To Get Back Your Hacked Orkut / Gmail / Google Account

Many times I've heard people saying that someone hacked their orkut / Gmail / Google Account. And I have also been asked few questions like below from several people:
  1. My account is hacked, what should I do now?
  2. How can I get my hacked account back?
  3. How did this happen, was it my fault?
  4. And many more…..

Well, here I am going to answer all these questions.
Now there few ways you can get back your Hacked Orkut Account which you can try:
1. Inform Your Friends and Relative:
First inform your friends and relative about it, because now the hacker has the control over your account and could do nasty stuffs with it.

2. Try Forgot password:
You can try to change your password if you can do it. Yes I know it sounds stupid for this option but if it can be done by the easier way then what’s the harm in it. Yet, most of the time this option will not work.

3. Contact Google:
Yes the last option left is to contact google and inform them about the issue Account Help.( Please read Do Remember Few Things below before filling up the form) Here you have to fill up a form which asks basic question which a valid account holder will know.
  • 1. Which all google products you were using with the google account
  • 2. Last successful login date
  • 3. Last password you remember
  • 4. Account creation date
  • 5. Etc.

Do remember few things before filling up the forms that
  • 1. Fill the form from where you always access the account, because Google will automatically capture your IP address and will help them compare your account.
  • 2. Fill the form as much as you can, that will help them
  • 3. Try to give accurate answers, if not take your time and think before you fill it. Or ask some one close to you who know few answers you need.
  • 4. If you are using many products of google with the same account then PLEASE DON’T fill the form again for other product.
  • 5. And then wait for the reply from google.
After reading Do Remember Few Things you can start filling up the form Account Help.



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