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Writing for Orkut Guide

This page is for all who like to write at Orkut Guide as full time co-author or just randomly as guest author. If you want to get latest updates on various topics we cover at Orkut Guide please subscribe to our RSS feed or email alerts.

Following points are covered in this post.
  • Why write for Orkut Guide?
  • Difference between co-author and guest author
  • Revenue sharing programs
  • Copyright
  • Posting guidelines
If you need further help or have doubts, please contact us via comments form below.

Why write for Orkut Guide?
This is a question that is surely on your mind now. So let me answer it with following reasons…
  • Orkut Guide is getting more traffic day by day. We started from a alexa rank of 24665488 and now it's 263070 (by the time of writing this post) and it took us just two months to reach here. And it's increasing in a noticeable manner. Which means your every post will be read by large reader community, no matter from how long you have been blogging!
  • Maintaining a blog can be quite a work. There are many things beyond taking care of your blogging software, like performing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), finding advertiser, promoting your blog at various places on Internet. If you just enjoy writing, leave other things to us.
  • Our transparent revenue sharing program will make sure that you get paid for your efforts. More about it, later in this post only.
  • As a guest author, you can promote your blog to wider audience and still make some money. Yes guest authors are also eligible for our revenue sharing program.
  • You have team of co-authors to help you improve if you are new to blogging.
If you have any other reason to write for Orkut Guide, please let us know via comments. We would love to update above list.

Difference between co-author and guest author
This is one question many people asked in past. Now technically there is no difference at all between co-author and guest author. Only thing, co-authors post more frequently than guest authors so they will supposedly make more money by writing for Orkut Guide.
Also co-authors will get full author status soon, means their posts won’t be moderated. You can this is kind of promotion! ;-)
Lets make if further clear by examples. If you have your own blog, then you may like to write as a guest author. On the other hand, if you are new to blogging or don’t have enough time or energy to manage a complete blog, then you may like to join us as co-author.
If you are still in doubt, then think these terms as synonyms for time being! ;-)

Revenue sharing program
We have highly transparent revenue sharing program. As an author, you will have ONLY your own AdSense content ad unit displayed on every post you publish at Orkut Guide. I guess this can’t be made any simpler than this!
Moreover you may still wondering a dedicated blog can give you more revenue. Ya that can also be true, but only when you put much more effort on that dedicated blog.
Say you took effort to publish 10 posts at Orkut Guide. Now if you keep those 10 article on a dedicated new blog, it will not bring you that much revenue because a new blog with 10 posts will not get much traffic. But Orkut Guide already have good search engine ranking and receives 600+ visitors (by the time of writing this post) daily. Also we have readers tracking everything that's published here. So your 10 post will surely get much more traffic here and so can bring you more revenue.

  • You will retain copyright of every post you publish here but…
  • Google and other search engines hate duplicate contents. We are no exception. So you are not allowed to post same article here and elsewhere.
  • If you really happen to post something really great that print media want to republish in their magazine, newspaper, etc, you will be the person whose permission they will need.
Posting Guidelines…
  • You can not copy-paste any article over web including your own articles posted elsewhere.
  • You may refer to other articles for quotes, etc but in such cases, credit must be given to original content owner.
  • There is no limit on outbound links as long as they are relevant. This is good for guest author as they can promote many posts in one article but care must be taken to avoid excessive linking which may damage quality of your post.
  • Currently we are working on blogger platform. We can, but we won't issue you a co-author login to our blog, You have to write your post using your favourite editors like, Windows Live Editor or Scribefire, else you can use your blogger post field to write your post. Then send us the HTML body of your post either in notepad or MS Word. An example can be seen here.
  • We are asking you to mail us your articles, because there is no way to show different publisher's ads in a single blogger blog. But we have modified our template, added few hacks which will do the trick. You can notice ads from your publisher ID on your post pages from the very first day.
  • After getting your article, we will post it and you start earning.
  • You can post Orkut tricks, Graphic Scraps, Themes, Music Scraps, Java Scripts, Latest News or any thing related to Orkut. Check out our blog to get the idea.
  • Remember that, we have the rights to decline any post or to modify certain parts of a post. But still you will the owner of the post.
Over the time users with nice contribution will receive more privileges which means their posts will not be edited. Going further they may, if interested promoted to be editors which will definitely generate lots of revenue but will also means more work and responsibility.

If you are interested, contact us at



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