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How to create your own orkut theme in minutes!

The provided link in this post is not working since last few days. So, if you want to make your own themes, create it here --> How to create Orkut themes with your own pictures.

Recently Orkut launched few official themes. But as far as my personal taste goes, the simple Orkut default theme is far better than those official themes. And just to make things worse, Orkut is not allowing it's users to use their own themes. And this thing made me to write this post, so that you all can now make your own themes in minutes.

As orkut is not allowing us to make and use our own themes on orkut, we can use third party tools to do so. Now don't stare at this post. I am right, you can create and use your own orkut themes. But you need to have:
  • Firefox. If you don't have it, download Firefox.
  • Download Firefox add on Greasemonkey.
  • Are you ready with the above steps? If yes, then read forward.

  1. Now prepare a image for your theme.
  2. You can grab any picture, any picture means, pics of yourself or television actress, sports person, your country or whatever, but just make sure to have a image sized more than 800 pixels.
  3. So, it would be better if you choose a wallpaper to keep that as your theme. If you use small width picture, then that would get tiled, tiled means that picture would get repeated to fit your monitor screen.
  4. Now upload your wallpaper to any free image hosting sites like imageshack,photobucket or something and get ready with your picture's URL.
  • After uploading your pic and having the image link, go to LINK REMOVED. (Some people commented that the link is not working since last few days. So, I am removing the link and will update as soon as that link comes alive.) Another easy way to create your own orkut themes, click here --> How to create Orkut themes with your own pictures.
  • Enter the valid image link in the box and then hit the button submit. 
  • After submitting, it will ask you to install a greasemonkey code. 
  • This is the code of the theme that you just made. 
  • Accept installation and install the theme. 
  • Now you are done with your own orkut theme.

Things to remember: 
  • Before installing your created theme, switch to the default orkut theme. Don't use ant orkut official themes during installation in order to avoid any mess ups. 
  • You might feel that Orkut is taking a bit more time to get loaded, after installing the theme. Yup, it will coz your theme pic will get installed from a external image hosting server. 
  • But that's not a problem. Personally i am not a fan of those Orkut themes, I use the default one. But if you guys are interested and crazy about themes, then you won't mind Orkut taking few more seconds to get loaded. Would you?



sybercam said...

good work dude

Unknown said...

not working ,

Mr. Nobody said...

@ Tanmay : Dude, I checked the link. I think the site is down right now. Check back in few time. That link should be working.

Anonymous said...

it says

You don't have permission to access /orkuttheme.php on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Mr. Nobody said...

^ yup...that site is down for the time being. I am trying to contact the admin of that site. And then i will be able to deliver some comments on this.

Unknown said...

hey dude this link is not working
give us right link please!

Mr. Nobody said...

@ jamie: Sorry dude, that link is dead. Use this link to create your themes -->

Unknown said...

Mr. Nobody said...

@Prateek: I would suggest you to request here -->

Anonymous said... is working again :)

Anonymous said...

get detail visual instructions .how to change theme of orkut.easy and 30 seconds.

Anonymous said...

want to my own orkut theme

longjam said...

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