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Orkut Warns Not To Use Scripts Provided By Foreign Sites

The use of codes in, Google, could expose users to the risks of invasion of profile, the contamination by computer viruses or spywares. The warning was made by Shauna O'Brien, Operations team, Orkut.

According to O'Brien, we need to take basic measures to defend itself on Orkut. "There are certain things we do every day to protect our privacy, like locking the door of the house and car when they're out, do not disclose the password of the bank or not to accept ride from strangers etc. Similarly, there are certain things we must do to maintain our security and privacy on the Internet, "he explains.

For Google, the main safety tips in using the largest social site can be summarized in two attitudes:
  1. Total Secrecy
  2. No Scripts

Total Secrecy:

Total secrecy does not mean that you would never share your Orkut username and password with anyone. You must change your Orkut password regularly, even if you don't suspect any harmful activities.

The Orkut team also condemns anyone's access to the Orkut site through a third party except Google services. Always remember to type your username and password for Google Account on or on other sites belonging to Google. Never select the" Remember me on this computer "if other people use the same computer.

No Scripts:
Despite of several controversies, Google team has a technical explanation: Never paste a URL or a script in your browser while logged on, regardless of what is being promised.

According to O'Brien, explicitly recommends that users should not click on links in emails that claim to be from orkut or Gmail.

To learn more about its safety on orkut, take a look at the tips of the Orkut Help Center.



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