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Orkut vs Facebook: 12 Best Reasons Why People Leave Orkut And Migrate To Facebook

12 Best Reasons Why People Leave Orkut And Migrate To Facebook :

1. Privacy
This is priceless. Anyone can check your profile, Friends list etc on orkut. That is not the case here. By default only your friends can see your profile. The others can only see your name and thumbnail (reduced version of the profile picture). Nothing more. In addition, you can always configure the options for privacy as deemed appropriate.

2. Networking restricted
If you want to be part of the network of your company or faculty, you will have to prove that you are a part of it. Otherwise forget that! For example, if you're employee of the company XYZ, you will have to provide their corporate email (ex: and a confirmation message will be sent to this email. That is, only those who have emails with the domain name XYZ can be part of that network. While on Orkut, you can hit a JOIN COMMUNITY button and that will do the job. If the community is in a moderated state, a moderator has to approve your joining request. But just imagine, how would a moderator check your genuiness of being a employee if that company is wided to 5/6 counties! So, a simple e-mail confirmation will do the job and hence Facebook leave Orkut far behind in this case.

3. Design
In Facebook everything is clean. The site is virtually all done in shades of blue, black and white, making the navigation less tiring. You can customize the look of your profile, adding / removing fields and changing its position.

4. Upload EE organization of photos
Users of Orkut correct me if I'm wrong, the Orkut album system is very primitive. You have to upload the photos manually, one by one, and in any order you want. If you need to change the position of any photo you must delete all pics uploaded after that and re-uploading one by one in the right order. Enough to be ridiculous.

In case of Facebook photos can be transferred all at once. To change the position of the photos just a simple movement of mouse: drag and drop. Furthermore there is no limit of photos (on Orkut are only 100*10=1000) and you can organize your photos into albums. Need to talk more?

5. Tags in photos
The system of tags for photos of Facebook is quite interesting. You make a mark any part of a person's picture and then add the tag. Thus when someone passes the mouse on top of that person appears her name. A link to the tagged person's profile on Facebook is added to the tag automatically. You can also add tags for photos that are not yours. Of course, then the owner of the photo must approve its tag.

Now you will say me, even Orkut is having this feature. Yaa, yaa, I know that. But let me share a secret, Orkut copied this feature from Facebook. FaceBook is having this feature since a long, while Orkut released Photo Tag feature a couple of weeks ago. So, whom would you prefer? The originality or the copy cat?

6. Plugins
What makes Facebook are highly customizable is it's plugins or extensions. There are more than 1000 applications available. And more importantly, FaceBook plugins are developed by Facebook guys itself. In Orkut there are some 100+ plugins(they call it Orkut Applications) and all of them are developed by 3rd party. To be honest, most of them are just rubbish. Some 12/15 Orkut applications are popular while others are just crap.

7. Pokes
Poke can be translated as cutucar. You know when you have nothing to say but only wants to "disrupt" his friend? So this is more or less. He receives a notification and can also poke you back. Orkut recently launched this feature, but that looks unprofessional. If you have ever used iPoke on Orkut, you can understand what I am trying to say here.

8. Gifts
This is still a great way to show someone how important he/she is. These are virtual in Facebook. They are, actually, images of a gift that could be real:

Who knows who receives this has a cost, he knows that it is get anyone. The value of the gesture becomes much greater.

9. Marketplace
There is much to explain. It is a system type classifieds. You can add pictures to the articles that are selling, see the products of their friends and look into other networks. You can also make a list of things you want to buy. Articles range from golf balls to the apartments.

10. Feeds of activities
Any activity carried on Facebook is recorded. If you added a photo that was tagged, someone wrote on the Wall (like Orkut Scraps), someone has added a new friend, a status has changed, everything is stored in the form of feeds.

You can view a link called Mini-feed, in the profile homepage. Here all your activity feeds were stored. Like everything in Facebook, it can also be customized. For example, You can take your profile of the option to display the Mini-feed or delete only those activities that you do not want to appear.

11. Status
Just below, their identification is a field of status where you can post information such as: "I am back to home", "I am in India now". This filed is there to speak your voice.

Another thing I found interesting is if you have a relationship with someone (dating, engagement, marriage) and her husband also is part of Facebook, your relationship status can be: Fulano This is the boyfriend of Fulana of This, linked to the 2 profiles. And this is funny :p

12. History of friendships
You can relate details of their friendship. Where, how and when they first met, activities that have made together, and so on. That history must be approved by 2 friends and both can edit them.

One FaceBook Disadvantage : Portuguese Language (still) not available.



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