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Protect Your Orkut Account From Getting Hacked

Websites like Orkut, powered by Google is not even secure? Yes, it's not. Several people feel proud in hacking other user's account. You do a foolish thing, and next day your account is hacked. This is very sad indeed, but hackers are adding names to their victims list till now.

Before few days I found a person who was asking for help on a forum and his thread was saying, "My Orkut account got hacked. How can I get my orkut account back from the hacker and use that". To be honest, this is nearly impossible to get your orkut account back once it's hacked. You might be wondering that how can a hacker break into the world's most popular friendship network which uses Microsoft's Advanced security features. Well, that's pretty use. Very soon I will post a topic here on "How to hack someone's Orkut account in 10 minutes". So, you guys just stay tuned to Orkut Guide.

How A Hacker Hacks Someone's Orkut Account :

Phishing Attack is the most favourite attack method for the hackers. In their hacking language, they call it phishing attack, but in our general language, we can call it FAKE LOGIN HACK. Hope now you got to know something. Hackers make a custom page like Orkut. It's look, feel, design everything looks like Orkut. Now, they will take you to that fake orkut page anyhow, by giving a link on your scrapbook, from other websites or even when you use some javascripts. Once you are taken to that page, you really don't sense any tricks are running from behind. So, you will go and sign in to Orkut using your orkut ID and Password. But dear, I told you that's a fake login page designed by hacker. So, now your entered orkut ID and password will be stored in the hacker's system. After getting your Orkut username and password, a hacker will log into your account and will steal all personal data, or will change your ID/Password, or might use that for any other purposes.

Community Links are another way for Hackers to hack your Orkut account. Have you ever got any scraps saying to click on a link and join a community? Dear, double check that community. Does that URL belong to Orkut? Check the first domain part i.e. and then have a deep eye on the ending part of that URL. If that's a link from the hacker and you click on that, via these suspicious links, they steal your personal data and hack your account.

Orkut New Features, this is the line that many hackers are using now-a-days to get into your account. Have you ever came across such sites that claim to give you hundreds of cook orkut features, which are not available on Orkut by default. So, just to try new features, you go ahead, log in to your orkut account from their page. That's it. Once you log in, they get your orkut ID and pass, and do whatever they want afterwards.

Javascripts are the best and easy method for the hackers to hack someone's account. Many times we get scraps from different people saying to run a specific trick on your browser and that will do something strange. Well, that really can. But few times, hackers make such javascript codes to exploit orkut users. Once you run their script, your cookie details are sent to the hackers. Yes, they use cookie stealer scripts, which means your current orkut session cookie will be copied and sent to the hacker. After getting that cookie, they can very easily get your account hacked. They use tools like Cookie editor plugin to accomplish this.

How to protect Orkut Account From Getting Hacked :

There is not much you have to take care of. Just follow the simple steps and never get your orkut account hacked in your life.

  1. Never give your Orkut ID/ Password on sites other than Orkut.
  2. Never click on any links from the sources you don't trust.
  3. Delete any links on your scrapbook, no matter if a known or unknown person have sent it.
  4. Never disclose your orkut login details with anyone.
  5. Never ever use javascripts on Orkut, no matter whatever it claims to do.
  6. Never get excited to see a site claiming to have 1000 cool orkut tricks for which you have to just log in to your orkut account. Don't trust that site. That's a hacking site.
  7. Never tick the box "REMEMBER ME" on the orkut homepage if you are surfing from a cafe or a public area.
  8. Never click on those scraps claiming that "CLICK HERE TO GET SALMA HAYEK THEME INSTALLED". That's crap.
  9. Never click on those suspicious links on orkut. That might lead your account to get hacked.
  10. Always remember to sign out from Orkut, when you are done.

My Orkut account is already hacked, how can I get it back : This is very very difficult to get a account back after it gets hacked. Nothing can be done from your side, if your account is hacked. All you can do is to take few steps and hope for the best.

  • Immediately after geting hacked, change the e-mail ID's password that you use as your orkut log in.
  • Send a simple and humble scrap to your hacked account asking the hacker to be kind enough to give your account back to you. Don't deliver angry words, else you might loose the chance of getting it back. Use simple and kind words to describe the hacker that how important is this ID to you. You may use any of your friend's Orkut profile to communicate with the hacker via your hacked profile.
  • Ask all your friends to click on 'REPORT ABUSE' link on your hacked profile's page. And also inform them that in the message box they should mention that you are the real person and your account got hacked.
  • Finally let the big boss know about it. Contact Orkut Support group directly here.
But it's always better to stay fully awake before a problem steps in. Here I mentioned about several Orkut hacking tricks, how to protect them and what to do if your account is already hacked. I hope this will help you guys. But if you are still having any problems, just let me know by posting a comment in this topic.



Sri said...

Hello, My scraps which I scraped my self is getting deleted.. only Political scraps is someone hacked my orkut account? or if how to find out who is deleting my scrap. clearing cookies will help preventing this? or Orkut themselves are doing this? Please help

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