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Orkut Application Directory : Add Cool Apps To Your Orkut Profile

Orkut started Orkut Application Directory recently. From the beginning Orkut maintained simplicity and still it does. But as these cool applications got very popular in no time with other social networks like Facebook, Tagged, Hi5 etc, Orkut introduced them for it's users.

They are not many, but yet interesting. Few of them will catch your eyes, while few will touch your heart. Orkut introduced new applications with the help of different developers. Third party developers developed those applications and then got associated with Orkut. Below I am going to provide some chosen aplications and their use.

SMS Me - Absolutely FREE SMS !!!
This is the most popular application within the orkut users. It allows a user to send unlimited SMS (Short service message) to any no. And also your no will get revealed to the person who receives the SMS. So, they can easily know that you have sent them message. Simultaneously you can send SMS to Orkut users mobile no, but only if that person is also using this SMS me application.

Chakpak Movies
Chakpak Movies application is for movie maniacs. This application will keep you updated about bollywood news and happenings. You can also grab latest wallpapers, pics and gossips. Chakpak also runs movie quizes, where you can show off your movie knowledge. A perfect timepass for bollywood fans.

Chat Rooms
Chat Rooms is a innovative application. This lets a user to chat with his friends using Google Talk. Great way to stay connected with your friends. you do not need to use Google Talk. On that very browser you can enjoy this, using this Chat Rooms feature. But one drawback is the developers of this application are running maximum Google Adsense ads on it, which makes it look ugly and unprofessional.

Oh ! what an application. This is fun. Just add this application and you can slap any of your friends. This application is becoming more and more popular day by day. And also, it should be. It's graphics and concept is good. The tagline of this application goes like this "Don't just poke your friends, slap'em around with Slapster! Select your friend's orkut profile picture and slap it around as hard as you can with this fun application!". Isn't this funny now?

Chat is an Orkut application developed by an Indian, Arvind. Now if you add this application in your profile, you need not to go and use several other messengers like Yahoo/MSN/GTalk. You can chat with anyone using this application, even when you are on orkut. They also claim that you can check your mails from your Gmail account. Nice one!

IQ Test
Everyone in this world try to be known as a smarter and witted person. Don't they? So, this application helps you with a 15 minute IQ test. And the most interesting thing is that, once you start the test, you have to give this test for 15 minutes. No breaks or nothing. It will show you 30 questions and you have to answer them all. At last it will show you the answer and your result. As they have a very limited nos of question sets, they ask users to take the test only once. Lolz, I scored 111 marks, whick means I gave 17 right answers out of 30 quoestions, they rewared me as a person above average. I am impresed, lolz :D

As the name difines. It lets you know your daily horoscope. They also have a facility that sends your daily horoscope by SMS. But I would recomend you guys not to subscribe it. Initially I was subscribed to it, I used to get daily horoscope by SMS, but since last few days, I am getting SMS from them post mindnight of the next day. That's pretty useless, and even they have no facility to unsubscribe. IMO, it sucks.

and the list goes on... I will update more once I get enough time in hand.



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