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Orkut Security [Virus Alert]: Scraps and Fake Websites Can Hack Your Orkut Account and Community

This time the alarm is real. There is a link circulating malicious orkut plugins. That link asks you to install a plugin, which claims to help you in orkutting. And now if you accept, you get infected! The virus generally reaches Orkut users via scraps, left by a friend of the person, who might have clicked on the virus before. And after your click, the virus will automatically send those malicious scraps to your friends.

This thing works like a pyramid system. If you get infected, infected scraps will be posted in all your friend's scrapbooks automatically and so on. So, this Orkut Virus is infecting Orkut users rapidly.

Orkut Security: [Virus Alert] Scraps and Fake Websites Can Hack Your Account and Community

How Orkut Virus Hacks Orkut User's Accounts and Communities

This virus asks you to click on a link. Those links also claim to do some uncommon things like Scrap to all or something like this. Upon Clicking, it will open a page in the same window. Then it will ask you to us to choose from varieties of services on that new page. Like 1. Scrap2all 2. Animated Testimonials 3. Install Orkut Themes etc. If you click on any those links, it will take you a page like But just check that URL. That's not That will be something like (Zero[0] instead of O) or (Check the spelling). And now-a-days they are using URLs in a new style, so that anyone can not even do a doubt. Like, (Yes, this is a single URL and check the spelling here again. They use different tricks not to grab your attention and try to make that site look like the original Now if you enter your ID and Password on that Fake Orkut login page, they will steal your e-mail ID and password, that you use to access Orkut and different Google services. And now after having your Orkut User name and Password, you can imagine what they can do with your account! Click on the below screenshot to enlarge.

Orkut Security: [Virus Alert] Scraps and Fake Websites Can Hack Your Account and CommunityThe above scrap tells you about a community that was created for you:

Check out the whole of the scrap-trap:

Hi, I've created a community for you, see if at least part tá. www. cnn = 32154 (note the wrong address that begins with www. orkut to deceive).

How to Keep your Orkut Account Safe and Avoid Orkut Virus:

Remember the most important tip: Always check the destination link before clicking! To do this, place your mouse over the link, and observe the address that appears in the lower left corner of your browser. Check out the exact field, view twice, because those virus makers create such links that can confuse people very easily.

For example, the address of the virus is ORKUT.COMUNNYTI.COM, while the official address of orkut is only ORKUT.COM. New Orkut users can get confused easily with these kind of links.
Orkut Security: [Virus Alert] Scraps and Fake Websites Can Hack Your Account and Community
Now, I have warned you. Do not click on any of those links you get on your scraps. Some readers of the Journal (Orkut Link For People in Brazil) complained that after installing this plugin, they got their communities stolen and even profiles deleted. Also, one of them was infected with a Trojan Horse (Trojan horse) that required the formatting and resettlement of Windows XP.

Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, NEVER CLICK ON ANY LINKS. And if you have ever faced these kind of things in your Orkut life, kindly use the comment section and share your experience. And if anyone of you have already got your Orkut profile deleted or Orkut communities stolen, mention here. I will be glad to assist you and will try to get that back for you.



Seasons said...

I had clicked on the "you have been gifted a photo album" :(
I always knew never to click on those links but I don't know why i did something so stupid.
Anyway after that you can imagine - I was added to many useless communities and all my friends had the scrap from me asking them to view the album.
I sat and deleted the msg from each scrapbook and unjoined all the communities.
The big question
Is my orkut still compromised? I mean I freaked and deleted all my albums at that time, Is it ok to upload my albums again?

Mr. Nobody said...

@ Seasons : Well, Personally I know few of my friends who suffered from this. But this is neither a cookie stealer(generally steals your password) nor do that much harm to your account. This is a javascript, which sends scraps to all your friends and auto joins few pre defined communities. This thing has been reported to Orkut, and they are working on it.
As far as your account is concerned, don't worry. Still, for security reasons, clear all your private datas from your browser. To do so, go to Tools-->Clear Private Data-->Select All-->Delete (options may vary according to your browser). And also change your orkut password with immediate effect. After doing this, upload your albums and expect no problems ;)

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